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Admit it. You have a love/hate relationship with home improvement contractors and renovators.

Love starting a house reno project? I bet you hate how difficult it is to find a good builder.

You love the work (most) contractors do. but you don’t like the home renovation process.

Like the finished remodeling or repairs? You probably didn’t like that it cost more than expected and was delivered late.

Now you are thinking about starting a new home renovation project and you need something better than the same-old, same-old.

Introducing renOmazing, the easier way to hire a contractor for your dream renovation. No more of those nightmares normally associated with home improvement projects. Meaning you get cost certainty, not Mark-Up Madness.

Imagine knowing the fair market price for your renovation or repair project before you select the contractor? That’s just one many reasons why it pays to choose renOmazing when you need a general contractor, builder, renovator or remodeler for anything from a kitchen renovation to a new roof for your home.

You will also like that the estimating and hiring process is simplified for everyone who signs up with renOmazing™. Joining the renOmazing™ contractor directory takes just a few minutes, it is absolutely free and it is as simple as 1-2-3:


No more having to make multiple appointments with different contractors.

Our fully qualified renOmazing estimator only requires one appointment.

Not a contractor, who assesses the cost of your project and determines the fair market price.


Our professional Estimator determines the fair market price of your project and  posts it on our secure online technology.

Qualified contractors are then invited to submit their bids.


From the comfort of your home, you log on to the renOmazing™ website.

Begin reviewing the submitted bids and see how they compare with the fair market price for your project.

No more guessing. You make an informed decision.

One more reason why it pays to choose renOmazing™.

Our contractor directory that changes everything (for the better).

[st_heading align=”center” title=”You will be impressed by the simplified estimating and hiring process.”][/st_heading]

This is the answer for everyone who has been frustrated by the entire home renovation process, says Milton Ramirez, Founder of renOmazing.

“I’ve worked in the industry for years and could see that it was just not working. Even when you go through one of the many other contractor directories or try to hire your own contractor, the problems are the same. There are too many mark ups, too many bids and too many points of contact.”

Don’t move forward on your next home reno project until you have seen the step-by-step review of the renOmazing process.

“Our simplified estimating and hiring process is very impressive” says Mr. Ramirez.

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