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Admit it. You would rather not join the existing directories and lists of “recommended contractors”. The membership fees are outrageous and there is a fundamental lack of fairness. So now is the time to look at renOmazing™, the easier way to find contracts for your residential or commercial building business. It’s truly amazing, here are four key reasons:

  • The membership fee is a fraction of what is being demanded by the highly advertised lists and directories
  • The fee per winning bid is far more fair compared to other contractor directories in the business
  • The selection process is fair and reasonable
  • The part of the business you dislike most — site visits to make an estimate — is handled by us

“Having worked in the contracting business for many years, I know first-hand why most contractors do not like being part of the big-name builder directories and contractor lists,” says Milton Ramirez, Founder and General Manager of the renOmazing™ concept.

“The membership fees are extremely high and there is a fundamental lack of fairness. We offer a much better alternative and on that basis we expect to attract the best contractors, just one more reason why our customers can expect not just the best price, but also the best workmanship.”

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