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You will also like that the estimating and hiring process is simplified for everyone who signs up with renOmazing™. Joining the renOmazing™ contractor directory takes just a few minutes, it is absolutely free and it is as simple as 1-2-3:

Q: What sets renOmazing apart from other websites that recommend or endorse contractors, builders, remodelers and renovators?

A: The key difference is that renOmazing does the estimate to determine the fair market price for your projects. That means you have to arrange just one appointment, a huge time saving versus the usual estimating process, which involves multiple appointments. Better still, our estimator is paid by the job, not by the amount of the estimate. That’s important because it means the estimator has no incentive to pad the estimate with the hidden costs and mark ups that you often get with the other guys. But wait. There is even more good news. We post the price on your page within the renOmazing website. That means you will know the fair market price before you review the bids presented by contractors who have joined the renOmazing family. Who else gives you this huge advantage?

Q: Why can I expect a better price from renOmazing?

By handling the estimating process ourselves and publishing the fair market price for your project, we ensure there is none of the Mark-Up Madness that happens when you hire a contractor or builder through the typical directory or listing service. Those mark-ups, all of which are hidden, include the mark-up added by the directory.

Q: Does renOmazing charge a fee for the estimate?

A: No. The estimate is free.

Q: Does renOmazing have any special offers or promotions for anyone who is getting ready to hire a contractor for a home renovation or repair project.

A: We’re working on some great special offers, stay tuned…

Q: What kind of work can I get done on my home?

A: Anything you can imagine from routine repairs to the complete remodeling of a kitchen, bathroom or basement. Need a roof replaced? We can do that. Plumbing, heating or electrical? Yes. Flooring and painting? Absolutely.

Q: Does hiring a contractor through a big box store offer benefits you would not otherwise receive?

A: No. You might assume that there is no mark-up or less mark-up when you buy through a big box store. Think again. The big box store adds a markup. A big markup.

Q: Do you also do commercial work?

A: Yes. We do commercial projects, ranging from building repairs to major renovation and remodeling projects.