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Building cost per square foot in Festival City


Take me down to the festival city where the budgets are lean and the economy’s rusty, oh won’t you please bring my building cost per square foot down… do-do-do-do-do-do-dddOOOOOO!


Guns n’ Roses will be in Edmonton in August to perform their “Not in this lifetime” Concert tour. For many this will be the first and possibly the last time they see this world renowned, chart busting band perform. It will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.
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My wife and I are very excited to be going.


When I saw the title of this concert tour it made me think of the state of Edmonton.

Paradise City started chiming through my head.


Click HERE and listen along while you continue reading…


Many homeowners have been asking themselves “why in this lifetime?” is Edmonton’s economy floundering.


The building cost per square foot can now finally come down in Edmonton, while contractor pricing can still remain fair. With one estimate defining the fair market value we’re striving to keep both contractors and customers benefiting.


By keeping the building cost per square foot down. You can be encouraged to start your renovation off with the proper budget.


Our prices are a flat rate and easy to understand percentage rate. We don’t take a percent off of the top of the job, allowing the customer to save and the contractor pricing to maintain fair margins. All of us benefit and can still ensure our building cost per square foot is at a decent rate.


Canadians’ confidence in housing has hit record highs, we at renOmazing™ want to help keep Edmontonians’ on board with this confidence.


So my point is, I’m hoping, in this lifetime, we can all help each other save in one way or another and be able to enjoy the home that we live in.

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