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Edmonton weather = beautiful day please

Back off rainy weather! Edmonton weather wants beautiful weekends this year!


We’ve got a lot of projects to do this year, especially with all the rainy weekends we had last year. A lot of contractors fell behind, some projects even got moved to this year.


Edmonton garage builders have already been in full swing for a couple of months now. With Edmonton weather being even more pleasant, bathroom renovations and basement developments are getting underway. Business in Edmonton is starting to rev up for the summer.
From CBC News | Edmonton


Commercial general contractors (in) Edmonton are hopefully starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel



Commercial investment in Edmonton doubles, increasing nearly 100% from the beginning of last year. This is very exciting to see because it will encourage more jobs created, more people moving to Edmonton and more spending for Edmonton events.

This weekend is shaping up to be really nice. Searching Edmonton Weather will give you results of a pleasant Saturday with afternoon showers on Sunday.
From BuzzFeed


Knowing Edmonton with its unpredictable weather, this may not happen. 




We’ve got The Heart of the City Music and Arts Festival happening tomorrow and Sunday in Giovanni Caboto Park. An enjoyable free event for the whole family. This would be a great time to get out of the house, especially if it is undergoing substantial changes (er…um… renovations).

Now, hopefully if Edmonton Weather holds up this summer we can all be rest assured that we’ll get our long awaited home projects completed, therefore, maybe even under budget.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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