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Summer is in the air! Get renovating and avoid the cold!

Take a moment. Can you sense it? Summer! It’s the smell… the sounds… the memories.


Everyone knows the feeling of that fresh summer air, to me, it’s almost the same feeling I get when I grab a Starbucks in the morning catching the aroma and the atmosphere whisk by me as I enter the door. The memories I get about how excited I would be when school was out for summer. We’ve all been there. What a great feeling.

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Ok, so, first things first. There’s a lot to get done!

Plan that barbecue, enjoying hot dogs and marshmallows on a beautiful summer evening is tough to pass up, but, you don’t have a patio or deck that can hold everyone.

What is the dream design you have?

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Your deck/patio is already complete and looking beautiful, well now is the perfect time to renovate your kitchen, it’s warm outside, instead of having to eat out for every meal, you can save money and barbecue at home in the evenings while your kitchen is getting remodeled. Company’s Coming has always had great recipe books and they’re right here in Edmonton.


While your home is being renovated you’ll probably be wanting to get out of the house.

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You’re in luck, Edmonton is known as festival city and there is a LOT to offer this year. We all know about Taste of Edmonton, K-days, Heritage Days and The Fringe. Each of those festivals have amazing food and atmosphere, but, you may be craving something a little more specific, Edmonton has the Park After Dark at the beginning of June or if you want to relax and enjoy what summer has left of it, there is Symphony Under the Sky.

Anything you do this summer, whatever it may be, enjoy every minute of it!


If a renovation is in the cards, start out with an estimate that sets the fair market value from the beginning.

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