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Connor McDavid – 8 more years in Edmonton

Connor McDavid, wait maybe it’s Conor McDavid, no that’s not right, Conner McDavid, hhhmmm… no, aha, Connor MacDavid!


Ok google: “How do I spell Connor MacDavid?!”


Google: Connor McDavid


Nice! Had it right the first time.


Anyways, as you all probably know already. Connor McDavid has just signed an 8 year $100 million contract with our beloved Edmonton Oilers. 8 years! A lot can happen in eight years Edmonton.

First off, take a gander at Connor’s Trading Card 8 years ago, I bet you he never thought how much that would be worth when the photo was taken.


Let’s see what else happened eight years ago…


Jan 20th – Barack Obama – Is inaugurated as the 44th US president and the United States’ first African American President


Apr 23rd – GRB 090423 (Gamma Ray Burst) is observed for ten seconds, the most distant and oldest known object of it’s kind in the universe


Apr 30th – Chrysler Automobile company files for Chapter 11


Jun 1st – General Motors files for Chapter 11, the 4th largest US bankruptcy in history


Jun 5th – Chile enters recession, the 1st SA country to enter the global recession


Dec 10th – US President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize


If you want to read more events that happened check out On this day: 2009 Historical Events


kid wearing vr, virtual reality, technology trend

Now that we’re over the big 8 year events let’s dig a little deeper and see what home trends happened over eight years.


2009 –

The average single family home size in North America is 2300 Sq.Ft., small footprints are predicted as the new average for the future. Hhhhmmm….. 2016 median size was 2500 Sq. Ft.


2010 –

Bathrooms replace the ever reigning Kitchen as the selling feature of a new home, more 65% of buyers start opting to upgrade their bathroom in their purchase over everything else


2011 –

Aside from “Going Green” with technology, people start going green with rustic furniture, a trend that is still going strong, most likely here to stay because it is timeless.


2012 –

Solar power provider SolarCity doubles its lease count over 2011



201… Ok, let’s move on shall we?….caveman, man cave, basement development


The point I’m trying to make is, a lot of memories can be made watching events unfold, so watch them unfold in a comfortable environment and make them even more memorable.


Connor McDavid is with us for 8 more years… at least. If you don’t have that “man cave” built yet, but you’ve always been dreaming of one, now is the time to build it.


Call us and we can do the estimate for you. We will be the only ones to step inside your door until you decide to move forward. When you do, one of our qualified contractors will take it to the finish line.