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Bathroom Renovations – How can we help Edmonton?

Bathroom renovations are an undying trend, everyone will always want to make their daily sanctuary welcoming and comfortable. Your bathroom is your escape! There is a phrase that is dying though, how can I help you?


In the age where everything is instant, the world has made it easier to focus on ourselves and forget about helping each other. Now lots may disagree, I would be one of them, the reason is this, we’ve become a lot more “black and white” as a society. Those who are helpful make a conscious effort to do so.


For example, there are major YouTubers (famous vloggers) that have gone out of their way to make training and how to’s for viewers, free of charge. They’re able to do this because they can make money from the advertisements on their channels instead. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on those “self help” tape series, from “gurus” like Tim Rob…er… Tony Robbins. Hence, they are making a conscious effort to help people out with what they enjoy.


Now with this article we would like to help you with research for your bathroom renovations. We’ve spent some time searching the web and have come across some great articles and videos. Usually there are 5 or more points with these types of blogs, we’ve kept it simple for you. Only 3 points will be made, but, two of them are YouTube videos. Warning: Don’t get lost in the rabbit trail of continuous “autoplay” videos.


Read on!

[st_heading align=”Left” title=”1. Brit and Co has brought us a great article:”][/st_heading]

20 Bathroom Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017


Now…the title pretty much explains itself. Once you get reading on there are some VERY inspiring pictures of upcoming trends, that if executed right can become timeless. Therefore, saving you money in the long run, especially because you won’t have to do a bathroom renovation every time there is something trendy.


Small bathroom renovations are in order as well, bathroom renovations don’t always need to be for the big, spacious bathrooms, with the free standing tub and ginormous mirrors. Edmonton bath products are supplied for all types of bathroom renos, even for small bathroom renovations.


Next up…

[st_heading align=”Left” title=”2. The Design Network’s Genevieve Gorder has some great tips for small bathroom renovations”]Genevieve Gorder: The Perfect (Small) Bathroom[/st_heading]

Genevieve’s advice is to think vertical, make those mirrors as tall and as big as possible and bring that shower curtain right to the ceiling. Watch it and let the ideas start flooding in.




And finally, everyone has heard of Wayfair by now, check out number 3.

[st_heading align=”Left” title=”3. HGTV’s star craftsman Chip Wade has partnered with Wayfair”]Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom[/st_heading]

Grandma have a funky old carpet she’s getting rid of? Might look pretty good with your small bathroom renovation. What about getting a skinny shelf to stand above the toilet to maximize space and storage? Chip gives all of these tips in this video to make the execution tasteful and practical.




I bet you’re craving a small bathroom renovation right now or even just bathroom renos in general.


[st_heading align=”left”]We will help get a fair estimate done for your bathroom renovations Edmonton![/st_heading]

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