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[st_heading title=”The five things every home owner should know before they use a contractor directory”][/st_heading]

1. - You get the best of the best.

You get the renovators, remodelers and general contractors who are willing to pay the listing fee.

2. - You are getting exclusive access to the best contractors.

There is no exclusivity. Moreover, the over-hyped contractor directories are not focused on excluding contractors. Just the opposite: they want as many members as possible as that generally means more money in their pocket.

3. - The performance of contractors is somehow improved after they join one of the over-hyped directories or lists.

Contractors don’t change their spots just because they have joined a listing or directory service. Any issues they had prior to joining the contractor listing service will continue to be issues after they join the contractor listing directory.

4. - There is quality control.

The recommended “high-quality contractors” can do whatever they want. You could get a low-ball estimate that will never be met and is provided only to get you to sign on the dotted line. Or you could get a wildly inflated estimate, bloated with multiple mark ups.

5. - Good contractor reviews are proof a contractor delivers good performance.

Contractors learned long ago how to play the reviews game. They make sure good reviews get posted. Some will even “encourage” a client to supply a good review because they know it doesn’t take a lot of good reviews to get a high rating. Bottom line: don’t rely entirely on contractor reviews.

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